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Highlights of Most Relevant Basics – Video Discussion


Learn faster with Crisp and dynamic explanations that instantly display the information you need to know for becoming a topper in MRB Medical Exam


Most Relevant Basis Program is the complete revision program based on the Actual MRB Syllabus designed by our experts. It covers the entire syllabus of 19 Subjects through High Yield Discussion and provides the opportunity to revise every concept thoroughly.

Tamil Eligibility Exam

ADrPlexus has taken initiative to update Tamil Eligibility exam Videos based on Tamil Eligibility paper of MRB Exam 2023 . Our Tamil Videos will include Crisp update on History / Tamil Literature Based on (SSLC Standard)  



Rank: 43 Score: 80


Hello dear Dr Arunkumar sir and Dr Seran sir I’m very happy to share with you that i have got 80/100 in the recently conducted TN-MRB exams . I want to share my fullest gratitude and tell other people how ADr Plexus helped me to prepare for the entrance. To start with, to win tournaments you gotta have a perfect strategy coupled with proper practice ,guidance and support . This is precisely what ADr Plexus are master of.. The biggest googly of this exam was only if we clear the compulsory Tamil eligibility test, our medical paper will be evaluated .. To our aid ADr Plexus helped us with Srividhya Mam and provided us Video explanation, Practice Mcqs, Practice test and Mock test for all the 37 contents , which was really helpful in crossing the first hurdle of the exam Secondly coming to Medical part Adr Plexus again provided with Video explanations , Mcqs, Mock test for all the 26 contents given in our MRB syllabus Special mention to live classes, T&Ds, some 25+ Leaderboard quizzes which I personally liked the most, and almost 10-15 mock test and quick study planner they have us And Thanks to all the Faculty members for their wonderful exam oriented teaching and to the Co Ordinators. After giving all these things through App,they didn’t leave us there and connected with us through Zoom for Strategy planning, time managemen and literally handholding us till the very last day of exams After doing all these i completed my Medical part of exams (100q) in 17 minutes (2 hr exam) because almost all questions seemed like i have either solved it directly or was a part of explanation. It was a very fruitful experience with Adr team especially Dr Arun sir and Dr Seran sir who made me get whatever i have got in TN -MRB (also in INI-CET , and NEETPG) I would highly recommend ADr Plexus on any day purely for their Experience, Top notch strategy planning (classes , Mcqs) and Handholding us right till the day of exam.. So proud to be part of this group Thanks once again ADr Plexus.


Rank: 68 Score: 79


Hi I am Dr Balamanikandaraja.. Joined the adrplexus course by October 2022..the course is very useful for me..most of mcqs in the app are sensible and based on mrb syllabus.. The YouTube lectures are very nice with high yield topics discussion like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, PSM, medicine, surgery, og, pediatrics, ortho, dermatology are very useful for me..repeatedly revised the high yield discussion topics..attended the grand mock test series and studied the answers discussion given after the mock tests…. I thank adrplexus for guiding me in getting a good score in this mrb..


Rank: 119 Score: 78


I have joined mrb special classes taken for mrb exclusive topics,Tamilclasses,quick revisions, tests…Honestly it helped me a lot🥰…
Thank u so much whole team of ADR PLEXUS😍
Forever grateful🙏🏽


Rank: 204 Score: 76


This course played a vital role in my preparation


Rank: 205 Score: 76


Thank you so much🙂.ADR PLEXUS course was really helpful for mrbpreparation.I had already prepared for neetpg previously so i used ADR PLEXUS to streamline my MRBprep.Thank you once again.

Elakkiya v

Rank: 418 Score: 74


Mrb preparation with adr plexus was very helpful for me.specially tamilmrb preparation was awesome for me .thanks adr plexus for their guidance sir/ madam

Padmavathy J

Rank: 437 Score: 74


The course was good and helpful. Thank you.

Gokulnath G

Rank: 527 Score: 73


I thank ADRPLEXUS for your valuable course because of which I could get such a mark. Thank you


Rank: 542 Score: 73


I express my heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable support and guidance. Thanks to your exceptional coaching, I successfully cleared the MRB exam . Your dedication has been instrumental in shaping my academic journey. Thank you for being an essential part of my success. Special mention to tamil classes..
I look forward to carrying the lessons learned from your center into my future endeavors in the field of medicine. Once again, thank you for being instrumental in my success

Jagadeesh G

Rank: 628 Score: 72.16


Thank you so much! I watched all videos of Tamil lectures, solved questions & model papers..It boosted my confidence & so, I was able to focus on medicine syllabus without worrying about Tamil eligibility.. I scored 38 in Tamil & 72+ in medical paper.

Pazhanivel k

Rank: 696 Score: 72


this is Dr. Pazhanivel , I am very much thankful to ADr plexus team for guidance and assistance in my MRB ASSISTANT SURGEON EXAM 2022 . crisp, concise notes and classes with proper schedule. it was helped me to move towards my target. thank you ADr plexus.

Jayaprakash G

Rank: 701 Score: 72


Adr.. Main paper adr question bank la iruntu naraya direct question vanchu… Main paper ku short and quick ah revise panna.. Videos, question bank lam worth tan.. After neet pg exam, MRB ku epdi padikartune idea illama irunchu.. That time adr app very useful.. . thanks to adr plexus.

Jai Prasanna L

Rank: 714 Score: 72


Actually adr plexus the way facility teaches in Tamil is different sort of experience to me mainly ortho and psychiatry, fm
Thank u lot providing special course for mrb exam.


Rank: 715 Score: 72


Thanks to ADR plexus Tamil MRB exam course .
This is very essential for Tamil basic rules and preparation materials for passing my Tamil exams.. and also q Bank .
thanks to Tamil professor and adr plexus team..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🎊


Rank: 847 Score: 71


Thank you to whole team of ADR PLEXUS Mrb team, the course was really helpful especially the Tamil lecture, it helps me to remember the concepts.


Rank: 914 Score: 70


Thanks a lot Really ADR PLEXUS is also one of the main reason for this score I have achieved.For main subject and too Tamil subject this platform is mean a lot to me.In short time ADR PLEXUS has made short and brief videos for Tamil and also made MRB model tests .I practised almost althose papers .

Haji abdulsalam

Rank: 948 Score: 69


Thank you,

MRB 2022 with ADR PLEXUS helped me a lot to score good marks and able to achieve my dream come true moment,
Thank u for the crisp notes 🥰

Praveen Kumar V

Rank: 1032 Score: 67


Thank you very much 😊
Yeah the MRB course helped me a lot. Praveen Kumar V : Especially the Live quiz.It helped me to saw where I was and boosted up my preparation
And Thank you once again

Nandhini M

Rank: 1040 Score: 62


Good morning sir/mam. I secured 62mark . Thank you for the guidance and the course due to which we gained some insight about exam. Teachers were great.
Hope you start next time with more focus towards Tamil exam espl in literature side. Thank you so much for being in our tough times and in our success.

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